In this fascinating volume, Jason Day takes you on a walk through the haunted history of his

home town of Scunthorpe.


Including some previously unpublished haunting accounts from the author's own case files, this

book guides you through the town's paranormal hotspots and follows the apparitions into the

surrounding villages and beyond.


From the 1700s, and the most documented poltergeist case in history, to the family home

currently experiencing a third generation of paranormal activity, this collection of local

hauntings recounts cases both past and present and has something for both the layman

and the hardened paranormal investigator.


Whether it be a public house, a deserted road, a desolate graveyard or a family home,

Haunted Scunthorpe has a ghost for every location it would seem.


This collection of spine-tingling tales is guaranteed to entertain and spook anyone interested

in Scunthorpe's darker history.


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Haunted Scunthorpe

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